I align myself with brands and organizations as an Ambassador that I am passionate about and genuinely feel that our values and beliefs align. 

SheJumps- No Man's Land Film Festival- VIDA MTB- Sego Skis- Mana Threads

SheJumps : I have been working with SheJumps since 2012, when I became an online-volunteer. From there I have written countless blogs, created and attended many events, shared the stoke to dozens if not at least a hundred women, and been through several transitions within the organization from the NorthEast Regional Coordinator to currently and Intermountain Ambassador based in Utah. I love SheJumps because it finally gave me the confidence I had been lacking for years to really pursue my dreams within the outdoors. I’ve gotten to connect with so many wonderful women from all around the world. Some of my best friends have come thanks to SheJumps and events. Learn More about Intermountain Events HERE #IamSJ #GirafficornNation #SheJumps 

No Man's Land Film Festival : No Man's Land Film Festival is an all-female adventure film festival is a collaboration and celebration of men and women who are deeply engaged in enhancing the female presence in the adventure arena. The goal of this festival is to connect like-minded individuals who are action-oriented, wish to support a shared vision of gender equality, have a desire to experience their passions and environments through a uniquely female lens, and above all, love adventure. I discovered the NMLFF when Aisha sent me an e-mail out of the blue after seeing my logo on my car parked in my driveway and I knew it was fait. I even had a chance to be the NMLFF Environmental Intern in 2015 while finishing my MS in Environmental Studies. #nomanslandfilmfest #nmlff #redefinefeminine #pursuetheradical  

VIDA MTB: The VIDA goal is being focused on inspiring a movement to promote cycling as a way of improving lives. VIDA MTB works to unify women’s voices to send clear messages to the cycling community, increasing the visibility of women riders. Our fundamental goal is to encourage more women to ride bikes and support them in their endeavors through instruction, building communities, and breaking down barriers to participation. I first discovered VIDA as a participant at their 2015 Snowmass Clinic, which I received as a birthday gift and then I turned that passion into being an active volunteer in 2017. #LadyShred #OwnYourRide

Sego Skis : Sego Ski Co. was conceived by a close knit group of friends, and brought to life through the collaborative talents of many individuals who share the vision for a sustainable ski company and ski industry. They believe that it is possible to manufacture and distribute durable, high performance, impeccably tuned skis in the United States, at a price that is appealing to direct customers, retailers and which allows the business to be viable. While they strive to reduce waste and our overall environmental impact, Sego also acknowledges the reality that manufacturing is resource intensive, whether it’s your iPhone, waterproof jacket, or a pair of skis. But at the end of the day, skiing, above all else, is about having fun. I joined Sego as an ambassador to help spread the stoke, awareness for all of this and because I genuinely LOVE their products. I would never ski a ski I didn't like, life is too short to ski bad skis. Let me know if you have specific questions or are looking for a deal ;-) #SEGOskis #SEGOskibus 

Mana Threads  : Mana threads is a Vermont owned clothing brand of female active wear inspired by Vermont’s outdoor life-style combined with the owner’s passion for the colors, energy, and vibrancy of Brazil. They believe in healthy living, fair production practices, and in supporting our local communities. The slogan of the brand Mana Threads says it all... “Stand-Out” ... express yourself in all that you do, not just in your activities, but in how you live your life. I got to know Amelia of Mana Threads back in Vermont through a SheJumps event and from there it was a great connection. Outside of the fun patterns that really do STAND OUT, I love Mana Threads because they are a member for 1% for the Planet. #ManaWholeAthlete #ManaThreads

Backcountry/ Basin & Range :  At Backcountry we get people who get outside—plain and simple. It is about gear, grit, and connecting people to their passions. Basin and Range was born from a belief in the power of the outdoor experience – it’s power to inspire creativity, improve health, and provide balance to daily work life. I work as an Expert Gearhead connecting people with their passions and form that I work with the brands teams going to events, a social media presence and helping in the development of new products. #GoatWorthy

I work with brands that tell a good story and have a purpose.